2022-2023 Faculty Fellows

Faculty Fellows in the UNT DSI Learning, Analysis, and Digital Research (LADR) Center play a crucial role in research and development. They are the principal investigators of the research projects conducted in the Center. The purpose of our research and development activities in the Center is to inform, improve, and innovate digital learning and teaching practices, in both physical and virtual spaces.

2022-2023 Collaborative for UNT Online Faculty Fellows

Dorothy Bland
Mayborn School of Journalism
Priscilla Connors
Hospitality and Tourism
Kara Fulton
Applied Arts and Sciences
Aleshia Hayes
Learning Technologies
Regina Kaplan-Rakowski
Learning Technologies
Brian Lain
Communication Studies
Danielle 'Teo' Keifert
Educational Psychology
Lin Lin
External Collaborator - Southern Methodist University
Chris Long
Teacher Education and Administration
Amy Petros
Christy Crutsinger
Merchandising and Digital Retail
Rudi Thompson
Biological Sciences