What has helped faculty? Findings from our recent multinational, multi-institutional research
28 Sep 2021
Drawing on findings from recent research, Dr. Adam Fein and Dr. Tania Heap discuss what has helped faculty as they pivot to using more technology during the pandemic.
A multi-institutional assessment of changes in higher education teaching and learning in the face of COVID-19
9 Aug 2021
Dr. Lin Lin, Dr. Tania Heap and a consortium of eight other scholars from higher education institutions across four continents, examined the impact of an emergency remote transition to teaching and learning during the pandemic.
A journey through HyFlex: Teaching mathematics during the pandemic and what is next
11 May 2021
Dr. John Quintanilla shared his experience teaching during a pandemic and touches upon Zoom, Colored Pens, Student Interaction, Dual Screens, Canvas, Absenteeism and other observations and tips.
Online to Remote and back to Online — How we ensure quality and accessibility with so much demand
25 Apr 2021
Dr. Adam Fein and Dr. Tania Heap speak about how to foster resiliency through a flexible and sustainable online course design program.
Designing Teacher Professional Development Programs to Support a Rapid Shift to Digital
17 Nov 2020
In 2019, Philipsen and colleagues published their findings on a meta-aggregated analysis of 15 papers focusing on categories that define successful teacher professional development (TPD) programs for online and blended learning (OBL).
The Impact of an AI-Driven Discussion Platform on Educators' Perception and Feedback
3 Nov 2020
Our Learning Research Team recently presented and published their findings on the impact of an AI-driven discussion platform on teacher's perceptions at UNT.
The Impact of an AI-Driven Discussion Platform on Student Engagement and Post Quality
3 Nov 2020
Our Learning Research Team's proceedings paper on the impact of an AI-driven discussion platform on post quality was a finalist for Best Research Paper Award at the 2020 EDEN (European Distance Education Network) Annual Conference.
Post-Covid: The Bitter End of Lecture Halls
25 Aug 2020
There may be nothing more iconic in higher education that the traditional lecture hall. Quasi-auditoriums that serve as the interior bones of the external Georgian architecture we’ve known for centuries. And the lecture.
Educating More Students At-Scale: High Quality, Inclusive, and Online
22 Jul 2020

Across the globe, students in the spring of 2020 had to adapt to non-typical ways of learning.

The Effects of Formative Assessments on MOOC Students' Performance in Summative Assessments
20 May 2020
UNT’s very own Tania Patricia Heap, Director of Learning Research & Accessibility at CLEAR, co-presented the research project that explores the effects that formative assessments have on Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) students' performance in summative assessment